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Change your 'Name' - make things favourable


What is in a name – A rose will be a rose, whether you call it by any name.

But a rose does not respond to you when you call it by its name.  Only human being responds to their names. Name is that Sound, which awakes us from our sleep. There may be any number of people at any place, but when our name is called we are at once attracted towards it. These are the vibrations of the sound of our name, which activate our mind.


Each alphabet of our name is related to a number from 1 to 8. Numbers 9 & Zero are not considered in this system.  When we assign a number to each alphabet of our name and then add them, it becomes our “Name Number”. 


Alphabets and their related numbers are listed below :-


1 –  A, I, J, Q, Y.
2 -  B, K, R.
3 -  C, G, L, S.
4 -  D, M, T.
5 -  E, H, N, X.
6 -  U, V, W.
7 -  O, Z.
8 –  F, P.


For example  “ASHOK  KUMAR”  . The total of its name numbers is  - 1+3+5+7+2 + 2+6+4+1+2  is equal to – “33” or  Single  lucky number = “6”  and this relates to the  planet “Venus”  and if as per his horoscope or date- of -birth  his Venus is favourable then this name will be lucky to him.


Composite number - 33 is otherwise a fortunate number and the person with this number will have an honourable position in the society. He will have a bright future.


Single number - 6 indicates a good looking personality, a lover of arts, and peace loving nature, away from hustle bustle of daily life.


In case the composite name number or single name number indicates adverse or bad results, we can always add or delete one or two alphabets to make it luckier.


Similarly you can find out , whether the city or country you are living at present  or wish to migrate in future, is lucky for you or not.


You can also find out about the suitability of the name of your company or business.


You are most welcome to consult Acharya Vinod in this regard and send your details thru the “FREE CONSULTATION” form of our websites i.e., & .