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To provide absolutely Free Consultations of Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Feng-shui, Vaastu, Spiritualism, Health / Home Remedies, Phrenology (Face Reading) and many more ancient Occult Sciences. Anyone can get the answer of their respective queries on Money, Health, Love, Marriage, Job, Education, Home Remedies, Lucky Stone & other aspects of Life.

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Get Free consultation on the issues related to money, job, business, life progress, love/relationship, health, sprituality, marriage, education, astrology, home remedies, lucky stone etc.

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Astrologer Acharya Vinod – a long endless journey to spiritual world   The educational attainment of Acharya Vinod is Graduation in Science and a Consultant in Homeopathic & read more

What is Numerology? – How can numbers predict ?

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What is Numerology? – How can numbers predict (numberology) - Acharya Vinod says that there are several hundreds of books answering the question i.e. what is Numerology? Is it a science or just a myth? Numerology or Numberology whatever one says is not just a theory about numbers, in fact it is a depth phenomenon. The digit from 1 to 9 plays a very significant role in numerology and its related numerology report (predictions). Every individual is highly influenced by the number or digit of is day of birth – like if you are born on 3 rd of August 1981 then the number 3 would be the digit influencing your life, similarly if you are born on 22nd of any month and year digit 4 (2+2) would be your numerological lucky number. Every number has its planetary significance 1 – Sun, 2- Moon, 3 – Jupiter, 4 – Rahu, 5 – Mercury, 6 – Venus, 7 – Ketu, 8 – Saturn and 9 – Mars. On the basis of these one can have prediction on most of the important aspect of his or her life.


You can click on the date of birth from the below numbers to know some of the analysis of your life aspects, for further detailed report (Free numerology report) or queries about specific problem you are most welcome to contact Acharya Vinod through Free Consultation form on any of the site i.e., & 

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