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Lucky Number Six, Fifteen & Twentyfour

Lucky Number 6, 15 & 24 

This number is highly auspicious, the lord of this number planet Venus (Shukra). The person born on 6, 15 and 24 has strong influence of this planet on their life. The individual having influence of this number have a long & healthy life, they have very good sense of humour and overall they are strong (both mentally & physically). The attribute of making excellent first impression or hypnotizing the people is highest in the individual with lucky number 6 than any other number. They are very good at socializing and relations; they generally impress the opposite sex very easily. They are the art lover also they have strong admirations for the beautiful things. Their main dislike(s) are mismanagement, dirtiness & uncultured behaviors. They have the tendency to look good and for this they are considered to be best spenders on clothes & accessories. They are the people who really enjoy life, all the time they remain happy even if they suffer problems like monetary etc. Most of the famous people around the world share this lucky number, in other words this number has a tendency to make the influenced individual famous in his or her circle/surrounding.


Acharya Vinod’s advise – “The person born on 6, 15 & 24 of any month should worship Lord Vishnu & Goddess Lakshmi. The best days doing any important work are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. The lucky months in a year are February, April, June, September and November. These individuals are further advised to wear Shasht (Six) Mukhi Rudraksha for overall growth and prosperity.”       


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