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Lucky Number Seven, Sixteen & Twentyfive

Lucky Number 7,16 & 25  

The lord of this number is Ketu (Neptune) which has water as orientation or main element. The person born on 7, 16 and 25 has strong influence of this planet on their life. This number signifies peace, teamwork and support. The person influenced by this number has three main qualities i.e. fundamentalism, free thoughts and great personality (overall). Generally these people get highest decree of success in every part of their life through their inbuilt talent & qualities. They get fullest support from their family members & friends, which further fulfill their life with joy and contentment. The major attribute of the individual influenced by this number is courage, the courageous nature of the person sometimes get him or her do such things in life which make them famous & successful. They enjoy traveling a lot, also for their earnings they travel a lot in their life.

Acharya Vinod’s advise – “The person born on 7, 16 & 25 of any month should worship Lord Ganesha. The best days doing any important work are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday. The lucky months in a year are January, March, May, July, August, September, October and December. These individuals are further advised to wear Nau (Nine) Mukhi Rudraksha for overall growth and prosperity.”      


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