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Astrologer Acharya Vinod – a long endless journey to spiritual world   The educational attainment of Acharya Vinod is Graduation in Science and a Consultant in Homeopathic & read more

Lucky Number Nine, Eighteen & Twentyseven

Lucky Number 9, 18 & 27 

This is a special number, if we multiply it with any number then the sum of the digit of those number would come 9 only, for example if we multiply 11 with 9 then the result would be 99 further if we add the two 9+9 it would be 18 if we further add it 1+8 =9. This planet is the link between this world and divine world.  This number is related to planet Mars (Mangal), the person born on 9, 18 and 27 has strong influence of this planet on their life. The individual influenced by this number are confident to extend that sometimes this confidence turns into over confidence. This over confidence sometimes results in troubles for these individuals in several aspects of life. Overall these individuals are brave & dedicated in life. They always chase such challenging tasks in life which they feel would result in their popularity. They follow strong discipline & chase their targets with full concentration. They hate losing in any aspect of life from anybody.


Acharya Vinod’s advise – “The person born on 9, 18 & 27 of any month should worship Lord Hanuman and Goddess Durga. The best days doing any important work are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. The lucky months in a year are February, March, April, June, July, September, November and December. These individuals are further advised to wear Teen (Three) Mukhi Rudraksha for overall growth and prosperity.”       


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