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Pyramid - a unique therapy



Although science has managed to untangle most of the secrets of the world but still there are lot many which are still to be unrevealed. Pyramid is one of them; it is unimaginable that how 23, 00,000 pieces of stones which weighed from 2-12 ton were used for such a creation. In the creation pyramid the way all the sciences like mathematics, geology, architecture and cosmic energy are utilized is amazing. Acharya Vinod says the research of pyramid shows and confirms that it is a very large source of energy. This energy is generated through the unique shape of the pyramid. In Greek language the word ‘Pyre’ means fire and ‘mid’ means centre, the word pyramid means any object which has fire in the centre.


It is being observed that object usually stop decaying or get dry (mummified) when kept inside the pyramid. Even for vegetables or milk etc. they remain in a good condition for long if preserved under a pyramid shaped shelf. There are many real time experiences of the people using this phenomenon to cure many diseases through pyramid therapies. Acharya Vinod says that Pyramid has some miraculous effects on the things kept inside it, even one should always have small pyramid in his/her house made of copper or stone and should drink the water every morning, kept inside it for night long. This water would be fully energized with the energies of the pyramid and is definitely good for health. Also it is observed that if medicines are also kept inside the pyramid in a similar way it multiplies the curing quality of that medicine. Nowadays this science has grown into a total therapy to cure and improvise human health; pyramids are available of different sizes and substances which one can use in several ways to get benefit.


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