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Vaastu - The Science of Directions



Whole vaastu shastra is based on the natural laws of earth. The main principle of vaastu is to make any building as per laws of nature and gain fully from it in terms of health, wealth & luck.  Vaastu rules & principles were made taking into account the five elements of our earth, namely Air, Water, Sky, Earth and Fire.


Earth’s magnetic field was also considered  an important parameter while making the rules for vaastu. So as per vaastu one should always sleep with his head towards South and legs toward North direction.


Some of the vaastu tenets are given below for the benefits of people. You can contact us thru our “free consultation” in case you have any question in this regard.


Vaastu tenets in general for health, happiness & prosperity

1.) In a double storey house, the height of building on north and east side should be kept lower.

2.)  There should be more windows and doors on north-East side and they should be in even numbers.

3.) The height of compound wall on North-East side should be lower than other walls.

4.) There should be a minimum number of windows in South-West direction.

5.) The walls in South-West Direction should be thicker.

6.) Spiritual signs like swastik, Om etc should be made on the main door.

7.) The compound gate and main entrance should be kept preferably in East or North direction.

8.) The doors of main entrance should open inside and if it is in two parts it is better.

9.) The doors should not make any noise while opening or closing.

10.) The place of worship in your house is best in North- East direction.

11.) Kitchen is best in the South-East direction.

12.) The room for girls should be in North-West.

13.) Guest room should be in North-West direction.

14.) Overhead tank should be placed in North-West direction, It should be avoided in South –West direction.

15.) Septic tanks should be made either in the direction of North-West or South- East.

16.) Underground water tank should be in North- East direction. It should not be made above ground in this direction.

17. ) North-East direction has been considered to be the most pious & pure  direction as per vaastu tenets. So area in this direction should always be kept neat and clean and left empty.


Vaastu rules for your sleeping room or bedroom –

1. Do not keep broom or kitchen utensils in the sleeping room, otherwise you will have bad dreams with worries.

2. Do not drink wine or any other intoxicants in your bedroom.

3. For prosperity and happiness, keep a bouquet of your favourite flowers near the head side of your bed or in the corner or with window of your bedroom.

4. If someone is mentally disturbed then he should sleep on deer skin kept on his bed.

5. If someone has bad dreams in the night, he should sleep with a can of copper with water in it, kept on head side.

6. Keep an iron rod under the bed if you have any fears from enemy.   

7. Keep a silver utensil filled with saffron mixed water in it, if someone in the family has chronic disease. 


Vaastu rule for storage of money and valuables -

1. Money should always be kept in the north direction of house..

2. The safe / locker should be kept in such a way that its door opens in north direction.

3. If the safe is kept in South-West, it increases the chances of money getting lost or being stolen.

4. If safe is kept in East or South-East, money will be definitely lost. 


Vaastu rules for Bathrooms and Toilets

1. Bathroom should be made in South-West direction outside the house.

2. Inside the building you can make bathroom in North  or East direction, separate from bedroom.

3. Bathroom & toilet should be kept separate.


Vaastu rules for hotels & restaurants

1. Preparation of food should be in South–East direction.

2. Its balcony should be in North- East direction, but toilet & bathrooms should not be made in North direction.

3. Storage should be in South or west direction.

4. Generator and electricity meter should be installed in South-East direction.

5. Main Entrance should be in East or North-east direction.

6. Cash counter should be in South-West direction.

7. Swimming pool should be made in North- East direction.