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Worship - An eternal journey to God


In today’s fast pace materialistic world no one has time to do worship or do meditation with a stable and cool mind. In such situation one has to adopt a simple and easy way to this path. As per Acharya Vinod the most important part of any worship is faith, perseverance or patience, mental discipline and unshakable devotion. Any ritual, worship or sadhana will not generate any result due to lack of any of these factors. We are giving below some of the simple and very effective worship methods and related mantras for the benefit of all.




# You should be facing East direction while doing worship. The best time for doing the worship is in the morning when sun is rising in the east or in the evening when sun is setting.  In case you don’t have time during these hours, you can do at any other time, when you are calm & peaceful and there is no disturbance around. 


# Before each mantra, do pranayam or breathing exercises, specially anulom-vilom, at least 7 times. It increases mantras effect and concentration and also good for health. It is done by first inhaling from left nostril and holding your breath as much as you can and then release it from right nostril. Again inhale from right nostril and hold it and exhale it from left side. This is one cycle. Do it seven times.


# Try to do the worship everyday regularly for at least 41 days. The assumption to do it for a minimum of 41 days is due to the fact that our body cells starts changing within a period of 41 days. They acquire a new energy or dimension to activate our internal spiritual powers.


# Don’t let any doubt or lack of faith come into your mind. Do not try to find any logic in the worship / sadhana. Your efforts will definitely generate a positive energy and your wishes will be fulfilled.  Remember no action in this world is without any reaction or result. Worship with complete concentration is like the sun ray focused with a magnifying glass. It can burn and generate fire. Similarly when your focus your mind, you can get anything done with the concentrated power of mind waves. So you will definitely get the blessing of related Gods.


# Do not try to move your focussed mind from one target to another target or to different Gods frequently. Remember when you focus sunlight with a magnifying glass on a piece of paper, it will burn only if you keep your hand stable on one point.  It will not burn if you keep on moving hand from one place to other. So focus and keep your mind stable on one God if you wish to attain results faster.     


Navgraha puja – the regular chanting of following mantra is very helpful in pacifying all nine planets-     “ Brahma Murari Tripurantkari, Bhanu, Shashi, Bumisuto Budhashcha, Gurushch, Shukra, Shani, Rahu, Ketvay, Sarvgraha Santi Karaa Bhavantu”

Specific mantras for each planets are given below;-

Mantra for Sun – “Om hran hreen hron saha suryaye namah”

Mantra for Moon – “Om shran shreen shron saha chandrmase namah”

Mantra for Mangal  – “Om kran kreen kron saha bhoma-ye namah”

Mantra for Mercury -  “Om bran breen bron saha buddha-ye namah”

Mantra for Jupiter -  “Om gran green gron saha Gurvay  namah”

Mantra for Shukra – “Om dran dreen dron saha Shukra-ye namah”

Mantra for Shani  – “Om pran preen pron saha Shanaye  namah”





During worship to count the chanting of mantras and help in concentration, a mala plays an important role.   There are different types of malas available and their importance and applicability is enumerated below:-


1. Rudraksha mala – It is the best and most effective for all types of worship.

2. Kamalgatta Mala – It is used for getting money and worshipping mother lakshmi and also for destroying your enemies.
3. Putrajeeva mala – It is used during sadhana for begetting a child.

4. Silver beads mala – It is used for fulfilling any of your desires and getting any work done.

5. Coral beads mala – It is used in the worship of Lord Ganesha & Mother lakshmi. It has been found to be very effective for getting money & prosperity, gold and all types of worldly comforts.

6. Kusha roots Mala – It is made from the knots extracted from the roots of Kusha grass and used in the making the devotee free from all types of vices. It purifies his actions, speech and thoughts.

7. Chandan (Sandalwood) mala – White chandan mala is used in the worship of Shri Ram & Lord Vishnu, whereas red chandan mala is used in the worship of Mother Durga, Lakshmi and  Tripur sundari etc.

8. Tulsi Mala – It is made from the holy Basil wood and used in the worship of Shri Ram and Lord Krishna. 
9. Ivory Mala – made by using beads made of elephant’s teeth. It is used in the worship of Lord Ganesha.




Acharya Vinod explains as per Indian spiritual science Brahmma, Vishnu & Mahesh (Lord Shiva) are the main Gods governing our lives. Brahma, the creator. Lord Vishnu, who sustains our life from birth till death and the Lord Shiva, the destroyer. 


As the powers of these three supreme powers are governing the world, similarly their female counterparts generated out of them are also helping in the organisation & control of life on earth.  These great powers are Goddess Saraswati (Brahami), Goddess Lakshmi (Vashnavi) and Goddess Kali (Chandika) respectively. We worship them in their original or many other forms as per our faith or beliefs. But ultimately it all leads to one, the supreme power of God.  How to do their worship of different Gods is explained below :-


Lord Ganesha –,He is the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati and remover of obstacles. Lord Ganesha is always worshipped in the beginning of any ritual any auspicious work or any worship. Lord Ganesha blesses the devotee with education, knowledge, intelligence prosperity, power and honour.


Offering used in lord Ganesha worship are , Red cloth, Red sandalwood powder (Lal Chandan), flowers, Dhoop, deep (Oil or ghee lamp) and Navaidya (Sweet Ladoos made of  gram flour).  


Mala (rosary) of  Lal Chandan, Coral or Rudraksha is used for chanting the mantra.


One of the simple mantra for worshipping Lord Ganesha  is   “ Om Gan Ganpate Namaha”


Lord Shiva (Ashutosh) – He is the God who can be very easily pleased by the devotee. All He needs in his offerings is few flowers & leaves with complete faith & devotion. “Bel” fruit and its leaves are offered on Shiv-lingam.


Rudraksha mala is used to chant its Panch-akshra mantra - “Namah Shivaye”


Lord Vishnu  -  He has his abode in the ocean and sleeps on the bed of Sheshnag. He saves us from the big troubles and give moksha or liberation to the devotee. He blesses the devotee with all kinds of wealth and prosperity. Lord Vishnu has appeared in many forms (Avtars) at different times to save the world. His avtars or incarnations are Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Narsinh, Dattatray, Vaman, Koorm, Kachchap and Matsya.  


One of his famous mantra for attaining Moksha or getting his blessings  is “ om namo bhagvate vasudevaye”.   Vishnu Sahasranama is also very popular as it contains 1000 names of Lord Vishnu.


Rudraksha or kamalgatta mala is used for chanting His mantras and flowers and leaves of holy basil (Tulsi) are offered to him among other things.


Lord Shree Ram Chandra  
 One of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. The chanting of his name – “Ram, Ram” has been established as more effective than any other mantra, ritual, sadhana or fast. The life of Lord Rama has been depicted in the holy book “Ramayan”


Mala of holy basil or Tulsi is used for chanting His mantra “Ram Ram” or “Sita Ram”


Lord Krishna - This avtar or incarnation of Lord Vishnu has got the maximum popularity. Lord Krishna had all the traits in him like courage, politics, yog- sadhana,  war strategy, love etc. World famous “Gita” inspires the people to do their work whole heartedly without expecting any gain from it. 


One of the effective mantra of  Lord krishna is “Om kleem krishnaye Namah”


Lord Dattatray -Is the combined incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma.
Worship of Lord Dattatray is very powerful and effective and he is considered to be roaming even now a day in the form of beggar anywhere. He is a lover of Dogs.


One can get his blessing very soon by chanting his mantra “Om Dattatray Namah”


Lord Hanuman -It’s a wonder of modern times that, once a devotee starts worshipping Lord Hanuman with full faith and devotion, he will get amazing positive results very soon.  Lord Hanuman represents the Strength, devotion & worship.


The most important discipline for any devotee during the worship of lord Hanuman is ‘Celebacy” and purity and cleanliness of  actions and thoughts.  “Hanuman Chalisa: is the main prayer of Lord Hanuman.


One of  his very effective and powerful mantra is “Om Hum Hanumate Namah”
Red cloth, Red sindur, red flowers are liked by him as offering.


Goddess Durga-Mother Durga is the combined powers of all Gods. She is worshipped in many forms. Her main Mantra is “Om Dum Durga-ye namah”  and famous Navarn mantra is “Om Hreem Kleem chamundaye Vichchay”


Shree Lakshmi -All the wealth, money, prosperity, Gold Silver, precious gems represents Goddess Lakshmi. She is the consort of Lord Vishnu. Once a person gets the blessing of mother Lakshmi, he will succeed in his life and become like a king.


The chanting of mother Lakshmi mantra is done on “kamalgatta” mala and red flowers are offered to her. One of the mantra is – “Om Shree Maha-lakshmay Namaha” 

Goddess Saraswati
She is the goddess of education, knowledge and intelligence. She is pleased by offering white flowers and chanting mantra – “Om hreem aim hreem om saraswatay namah’

Goddess Mahakali
She is the power of Lord Shiva and one of the most effective and powerful in blessing the devotee in modern times. All one need is complete faith and devotion and do any one of her mantras.


A simple mantra is “Om Kili Kili Swaha” or  ‘Om kreen kreen kreen, hun hun, hreen hreen, dakshin kalikay, kreen kreen kreen, hun hun, hreen hreen swaha”
The offerings of Chandan, Sindur, flowers, dhoop, deep (Lamp), Navaidya (Sweets) etc. are done to please Goddess Mahakali.