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Astrologer Acharya Vinod – a long endless journey to spiritual world   The educational attainment of Acharya Vinod is Graduation in Science and a Consultant in Homeopathic & read more

Spiritual Journey - Levels of Enlightenment

Levels of Enlightenment

As per Acharya Vinod there are four levels of Devotion to attain overall Eternal Enlightenment


1. ‘Archana’ (Beginner Level)
2. ‘Stuti’ (Intermediate Level)
3. ‘Japa’ (Upper Intermediate Level)
4. ‘Dhyan’ (Expert Level)


True Devotion to the Almighty has four distinct parts having different significance & result oriented ness. Each of this part is unique in its own and should be pursued under the strict supervision and guidance of the knowledgeable person to avoid delays & false results. Acharya Vinod welcome all individual seriously interested in initiating these highly spiritual practices to take guidance and knowledge about other rules & regulation(s) attached with this process and that is FREE of Cost through Email (Free Consultation Form) from anywhere in the world. Acharya Vinod feels if somehow few people succeed in attaining the ultimate spiritual goal through his guidance and knowledge then his life’s mission will be fulfilled, monetary aspect shouldn’t be hindrance between the Disciple and Almighty.    


‘Archana’ – The ‘Archana’ is a process of Devotion that is performed with the help of Idol, in the other words this process is termed as “Idol Worship”. The Idol of God or Goddesses is very essential in this level of Devotion, the devotee has to keep the Idol in his/her house or workplace(the place should be clean and away from any sort of alcohol, leather or any other related infavorable material) so that both the Idol and Devotee can share same environment to the maximum. There are seven types of Idols that can be symbolize in this part i.e. Idols made of Stone, Wood, Metal, Earth, Sandal, Portrait or Picturized and made of Jewels / Gems. Further these idols are categorize into three broad categories according to the different themes ‘Satvik Idols’ in which the God or Goddess are depicted in the form of performing meditation & are in cheerful state. ‘Raajsi Idols’ in this form the God or Goddesses are depicted with all type of materialistic ornaments with their weapons and respective medium of commute.  The last one is ‘Taamsi Idols’ in which they are depicted with a pose where they are indulge in war or killing with their weapons and medium of commute. Further there are several factors that count before selection of appropriate Idol hence one can consult Acharya Vinod through ‘Free Consultation Form’ on the website.


‘Stuti’ (Prayer) – The next level of Devotion is ‘Stuti’ should be accompanied with earlier level ‘Archana’. It’s the law of ‘Stuti’ that there should be verbal pronunciation of every word of the prayer text. In ‘Stuti’ the recital Text can be classified into four broad categories (a) Vedic (b) Tantrik  (c) Poranik  & (d) The Ancient Text mentioned in Regional Languages (** a good example of this is ‘Shabar Mantras’ ….highly effective mode of Mantras). Acharya Vinod states that this is a very crucial phase of devotion that requires high level of concentration & patience.  


Japa – As per Acharya Vinod ‘Japa’ is directly related to repetitive recital of highly spiritual ‘Mantras’. The smallest definition of Mantra could be, any meaningful text starting with the word “Aum” & ending with the word “Namah”, in between there are names of God and Goddesses, there are lot of other important factors that contribute in the essence of word “Mantra” as these factors are too extensive and complicated that even a book with more than thousand pages is not sufficient to define the concept of ‘Mantra’ in proper sense. The Mantra should be delegated or granted by the Guru or the Teacher and it should be performed by repetitive recital of the same while sitting on the kind of ‘Asana’ (seat) i.e. wool blanket or cotton cloth. Acharya Vinod further explains that ‘Japa’ can be done with or without the help of Rosary (Mala), it is advisable to use rosary of Rudraksha or Tulsi in the starting and then afterwards the Devotee can avoid the rosary as per his/her ease with the count. As this level (Japa) is very vast & deep rooted hence it is advisable to consult Acharya Vinod for minutest technicalities before initiating it (through Free Consultation Form given in the website)


Dhayan – This is the ultimate level of devotion in which one can achieve the goal of his life to extend of ‘Moksha’ itself. Acharya Vinod defines this as in three separate phases. In phase one the devotee should concentrate his/her mind waves to a single point in their mind, this point could be any imaginary picture or photo/idol of God or Goddesses. It is very difficult phase, normally in the beginning individual(s) can’t cross the time limit of 30 seconds to a minute, but gradually this limit enhances to hours and thereon. In second phase, the individual should try to deviate his/her mind from a picture or point to the blank, in other words the practitioner should try to control its mind to be without any single thought for a while or specific time period and in the third phase the practitioner should try to concentrate on his / her soul or innerself this phase is better known as ‘Adhayatam’. Further Acharya Vinod signifies the transition between these phases is very crucial and should be done very carefully with proper guidance. The person willing to perform this level can consult Acharya Vinod through Free Consultation Form in the websites,  and