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Astrologer Acharya Vinod – a long endless journey to spiritual world   The educational attainment of Acharya Vinod is Graduation in Science and a Consultant in Homeopathic & read more

True Devotion – highest decree of spirituality

True Devotion has many dimensions but one of the main dimensions lies in faith and patience. The devotee has to undergo many adversities in order to prove his /her devotion to the almighty, once it is being proved then almighty makes sure that there isn’t any adversity left in the life of the devotee.


Acharya Vinod explains the meaning of true devotion with an interesting story of a King who had a very close friend. This friend was not as fortunate as the King; he was from a very poor family where he wasn’t able to fulfill his basic needs. The King had special affection to his friend; he not only given him a job as an employee in the palace but also King use to take him wherever he used to go whether it is excursion, hunting, war or pleasure trips. One day King decided to go on a survey to his apple fields near the mountains, he asked his friend to come along; both of them reached the apple fields. King started surveying the apple trees suddenly he saw one shining apple hanging from the tree, it was looking so appetizing that King couldn’t resist.


The King plucked that apple and parted it into four pieces through his knife and offered on of those pieces to his friend. The friend took that piece at ate, King asked him how it was, friend answered it was too good and would be thankful if King could give him one more piece. The King was surprised because before then that his friend never asked for anything; this was the first time he was asking King for a favor. King gave him another piece; he ate that and asked for the third piece with total astonishment King gave him the third piece as well. Now the King left with only one piece in his hand before he could start eating that his friend asked for that last piece as well, King full of anxiety refused him and started eating that last piece. In the first bite itself King realized this was the bitterest apple he had ever tasted in his life, he threw that apple piece at once.


The King was astounded; he asked his friend why he didn’t tell that the apple was bitter. Friend replied in a very polite manner that King has given him and his family everything that was required to fulfill their livelihood needs. So by refusing whatever King was offering he couldn’t disregard all that the King has done for him. Eating bitter apple could just be a smallest gesture to thank the King for all the deeds.


Acharya Vinod explains that this principal also applies on the people following the path of spirituality and devotion to the almighty. There are lot of circumstances come when God offer you bitter apple in life but the true devotion lies on your reaction on that bitter apple whether you retaliate or you consider that apple as one of all the other good things that God has given you in life – follow a well determined thought process considering that bitter apple (bad phase) as another phase of life, tell yourself to hold back as it is just another phase in my life and it would definitely go away. True devotion is not measured in all favorable circumstances the real test is in adverse situation(s) and your reaction on that would determine your closeness to Almighty or God.