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How to improvise your luck (Important tips) – 1

Acharya Vinod firmly believe that there is nothing in this world that cannot happen if an individual sincerely makes efforts towards it and strive hard constantly, miracle do happen. The secret of success lies in the amount of devotion one has shown to complete a task. It’s a famous saying that –


If all the world say, ‘No’
It is your business to say ‘Yes’ and prove it.
The world says, “No” in a thousand ways…
“No, you can’t do that”
“No, you are wrong”
“No, you are too old”
“No, you are too young”
“No, it will never work”
“No, you don’t have the money”
“No, it can’t be done”
And each ‘No’ you hear has the potential to erode your confidence bit by bit until you quit altogether. Though the World say ‘No’ to you today, you determine to say ‘Yes’ and prove it.


Also it is important to consider that there are still some small factors that can enhance our success (luck) manifolds that  Acharya Vinod explains this series of “how to improvise your luck” as different from other such articles in a form that in this series the reader need not be a well-informed person of astrology or any other occult science. All these tips are written in a most practical way keeping in mind the global presence of the readers so that each tip or point mentioned in this article can be utilized by any person living anywhere on this planet. Further if in case you find some point difficult to comprehend you can contact me through free consultation form available on each site i.e., &


1. The head of the family should always sleep (bed room) in the west or south-western part of the house.

2. There shouldn’t be a ‘money safe’ or ‘money box’ in the bed room.

3. At your work / business place, hanging a horse shoe (‘U’ shaped) at the entrance brings luck and monetary profits to the individual.

4. Never place or hang a clock or calendar on the door of any room of your work place or home it brings tension and bad luck.

5. Try avoiding taking loan from anyone on Tuesday of any month, the chances of difficulties in returning back that loan increases if it is taken on Tuesday.

6. Try avoiding giving loan on Wednesday of any month; it is likely that amount wouldn’t come back to you.

7. While returning back to home from workplace, never enter the house bare handed (it is a sign of bad luck) always carry something that you have purchased could be of daily use like eatables, groceries, book, magazine etc. if this is not possible one should carry few leaves of any tree, once entered those leaves should be thrown out next day only.

8. While going out for an important work it is said lucky to put your right feet first out of the main door of your house.

9. Never trim or cut nails or hair after sunset (in the evening or night) it brings bad luck to the person.

10. For good luck look at your both hands first of all in the morning & wipe over your face 3-4 times.


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