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Your hand tells your future (Palmistry)

Acharya Vinod explains significance of the sign ‘X’ (cross) on various parts of the palm. Reader’s advisory – this article has been written keeping in mind that the reader would be familiar with basic concept of palmistry (especially the mounts placements and name of different lines appearing on the palm).


1. Cross ‘X’ appearing on Jupiter mount in the palm – The individual gets very highly educated spouse, has very happy marital life. Also there are great chances that these find their true love in this life span.

2. Cross ‘X’ appearing on Saturn mount in the palm – This symbol is not at all auspicious here, could cause untimely death of the individual.

3. Cross ‘X’ appearing on Sun mount in the palm– It results in extreme defame once in the life time.

4. Cross ‘X’ appearing on Mercury mount in the palm – This is a sign that person is a liar and can cheat anyone.

5. Cross ‘X’ appearing on Moon mount – Shows that death of the individual having that sign would be due to drowning in water (these individual should avoid swimming and other water sports)

6. Cross ‘X’ appearing on Venus mount – Generally these individual has a special inclination toward opposite sex, due to which sometimes they face difficulties and problems in life.

7. Cross ‘X’ appearing on Mars mount – Depicts the person would suffer from court cases, sometimes to extend that he or she would go to the jail. These cases are highly prone suicide as well.

8. Cross ‘X’ appearing on Travel line on hand – The person would face untimely death while traveling.

9. Cross ‘X’ appearing on Health line on hand – The person suffers health problems during that phase of life.

10. Cross ‘X’ appearing on Fate line on hand – The person having cross on the fate line doesn’t affect much to his or her life, usually it being seen that such individual lead a normal life.

11. Cross ‘X’ appearing on Sun line on hand – It causes defame and problem in education for the individual.

12. Cross ‘X’ appearing on Marriage line – The person suffers with problem in marriage.

13. Cross ‘X’ appearing on Heart line – It is a sign that person would suffer from the diseases related to lungs or heart.

14. Cross ‘X’ appearing on Mind line – It is not at all a good sign could lead to any disease related to mind or brain, this could lead individual to insanity.

15. Cross ‘X’ appearing on Life line on hand – It indicates accident or suffering during that phase of life.