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DURGA (Shakti) – Goddess fulfils every wish

Hindu worship Durga as shakti or power as She is a combined power of all Gods in it. During Navratray period devotees throng to Durga temples all over India & also in different parts of the world where Durga temples are situated. Durga temples are also famous as mata ka mandir. These Durga temples are also known as Shakti peeth.  Durga puja is celebrated all over India to worship the Shakti. Hindu devotees keep fast during durga puja days and do not take any food made from cereals.  Hindu celebrate Durga puja two times in a year, each, at the time of change of seasons.


During navratray period, mainly three Goddess are worshipped in different forms. These three Goddesses are  Parvati, Lakshmi and Saraswati.


The first three days are devoted to the goddess of power (Shakti).

The next three days are devoted to the worship of lakshmi 

And the last three days are devoted to the worship of  Goddess Saraswati.


Each day of navratray is devoted to one incarnation of  Goddess Durga. These are explained below :-


1. Shailputri – This form of Goddess Durga is worshipped on first day of navtarays. She was named shailputri, because she was born as the daughter of Himalaya, the king of mountains. Shailputri means daughter of mountain. She has the trident in her right hand and Lotus flower on left hand and mounted on an ox. In her previous birth she took birth at the place of king Daksha and her name was Sati. She was married to Lord Shiva and she burned herself in the havan kund (holy fire), when lord Shiva was insulted by her father. 


2. Brahmcharini – Goddess Durga is worshipped in this form on second day of Navratray. This form of Goddess Durga is very impressive and bright. She has japa mala (Rosary for chanting) in her right hand and bowl (Kamandal) in her left hand. In her last birth, when she was born as daughter of Himalaya, she worshipped very hard in this form to get lord Shiva as her husband. On this day a devotee’s mind is situated in “Swadhishtan Chakra”


3. Chandraghanta – Goddess Durga is worshipped in this form on third day of navratray. This form represents extreme peace and welfare of all. She is called Chandraghanta, because she carries a sign of half moon in shape of bell on her forehead. Her body is shining like gold and has ten hands. She carries Sword, Bow & Arrows, Mace, Trident and all other weapons in her hands. Goddess Durga in this form rides the lion and seems to be always ready for fighting the enemies & wicked persons.  On this day a devotee’s mind is situated in “Manipur chakra” and he feels the presence of supernatural things and amazing smells around him.


4. Kooshmanda :- Goddess Durga is worshipped in this form on fourth day of navratray. She has the brightness of Sun and has eight hands. She has a kamandal (Bowl), Bow & arrows, Lotus, Nector vessel, Chakra and Mace in seven hands and has a mala in her eighth hand, which blesses the devotee with Siddhis & prosperity.  She rides a lion.  Worship of Goddess Durga in Kooshmanda form removes all health problems (mental or physical) of the devotee. She is pleased very soon and blesses the devotee with fame & strength and a long & healthy life.  


5.  Skandmata :- Goddess Durga is worshipped in this form of Skandmata on 5th day of Navratray. She has this name because she was the mother of  lord Skand, who was the army chief of  Gods who were fighting against demons. Goddess Durga in this form has four hands and carry Lord Skand as child in her right upper hands and Lotus flower in lower right hand. Her upper left hand in the blessing mode and lower left hand also carries a lotus flower.  She is normally seated on a lotus flower and rides lion otherwise.  Worship of  Goddess Durga in this form of Skandmata, blesses a person with Moksha or liberation and all his wishes are fulfilled very soon. On this day a devotee’s mind is situated in “Vishuddhi Chakra”


6.  Katyani – Goddess Durga is worshipped in this Katyani form on sixth day of navratray.  Maharishi Katyayan worshipped Goddess Durga for many years to please her and he was blessed with boon from her that she will take birth as his daughter. After some time God Brahamma, Vishnu and Mahesh (Lord Shiva) formed Goddess Katyani with their combined powers to kill the demon Mahishasur and it was sage Katyayan who first of all worshipped the Goddess Katyani. She has four hands and with two right hands in blessing & protecting  position and two left hands with sword & Lotus flowers in it. She rides a lion. Worship of Goddess Durga in this form blesses the devotee with four types of results i.e Aarth, Dharam, Kaam and Moksha. Which means he is blesses with money, happiness, religion & liberation in life.  


7. Kaalratri – Goddess Durga is worshipped in this kaalratri form on seventh day of the navratray period. She has the black colour body with her hairs open. She is inhaling and exhaling the flames of fire. She rides a donkey. Her right hands are in blessing & protecting mode and she carries an iron spike in upper left hand & a dagger in her lower left hand. Although her appearance is very fearsome, but she always does the welfare of the devotee. She is also called “Shubhankari” due to this reason. On this seventh day of Durga puja, devotee’s mind is situated in “Sahasrar chakra” and the doors of siddhis or spiritual powers start opening from this day.


8. Mahagauri – Goddess Durga is worshipped in this Mahagauri form on eighth day of the navratray. She has fair colour and all her jewellery is also of silver colour and she has four hands. She rides an ox.  Her upper right hand is in blessing mode and lower right hand carries a trident. Her upper left hand carries a Damru (small drum) and lower left hand is in protecting mode. She has very peaceful appearnace.  A devotee is blessed with amazing spiritual powers (Siddhis) with the blessing of  Goddess Durga in Mahagauri form.  


9. Siddhidatri – Goddess Durga is worshipped in this Siddhidatri form on ninth day of Navratray. With the blessing of Goddess Siddhidatri Lord Shiva got the body of “Aradhnarishwar” or half man & half woman. She has four hands and rides a lion. She carries mace in her upper right hand and Chakra in lower right hand. She carries Lotus on upper left hand and shankh (Shell) in lower left hand. She is seated on a lotus flower.  A devotee is blessed with all siddhis (spiritual powers) by Goddess Siddhidatri and nothing remains impossible for him. 

Durga Mantras :- Some of the important Durga mantras are given below :-


1. Om Dum Durga-ye Namah


2. Aim hreem Kleem Chamundaye Vichchay


3. Aim Hreem Kleem Chamunday Vichchay, Om glon hrun kleem ju saha, jwala-ye jwala-ye,  jwull, jwull  prajwull  prajwull,  aim hrem kleem chamunda-ye  vichchay, jwalam hung  sung  lung  kshum  phut swaha. 


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