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How to conquer Diabetes..?


Diabetes is called silent killer, because it keeps on hollowing your body from inside and becomes the cause of other diseases. So far there has not been any cure for it. But it can be kept under control by improving your lifestyle and taking proper medicines.


What is diabetes and what are diabetes symptoms: - Diabetes or Sugar is a genetic or lifestyle related disease. Diabetes or sugar starts when a gland called Pancreas in our body stops making insulin or makes less insulin. Insulin helps in the control of glucose in our blood. Without its help cells cannot convert the glucose into energy, hence the sugar level in our blood increases, resulting in diabetes. Normally it takes 10-15 years for diabetes symptoms to appear and 40-50 % diabetic patients are those who already have a history of diabetes in their family.


Different types of Diabetes – Diabetes can be classified broadly in two types.


Type – 1 or Insulin Dependant Diabetes – In this type the insulin hormones are not at all produced in the body. It happens due to non-functioning of beta cells in the body under the influence of some antibodies. In such cases insulin injections are used to control the increased amount of glucose in blood.  If it is not done the patient can become unconscious and go into coma also. It happens more to the people between the age of 3-25 years and around 10% patients have this type of disease.


Type - 2 or non- insulin dependant -  In this type, the insulin is produced in very less quantity as pancreas is not working properly. This type of diabetes is normally found in adults and is less serious than insulin dependant type diabetes.


An Endocrinologist specialises in the treatment of diabetes, but any MD doctor specially trained for this purpose can also treat the diabetes patient well.

The causes of diabetes:-

1. Family History – There are 50-60 % chances of happening diabetes, if it was present both to your parents as well as your grand parents.  And around 50% chance if only your parent had this disease.  And only 27% chance If only one of your parents, either father or mother has diabetes.


2. Age Factor – Due to today’s lifestyle, it can happen at any age, but in 80 % of the cases it happens only after the age of 50 years  and Children’s diabetes has been found to be only 5% in children below 10 years of age.


3. Obesity - People with body Mass Index (BMI) of more than 25, and women with their waist size more than 35 & men with waist size more than 40 are prone to diabetes.


4. Lifestyle –
a.) Continuously sitting at a place for long hours and not doing any exercise.
b.) Eating fried & junk food and also not eating sufficient quantity of protein or high fibre foods.
c.) Not taking enough rest and always remaining under tension.


5. Taking medicines for a long period. – The medicines used for high blood pressure, arthritis, skin allergies, to prevent pregnancy, high cholesterol, heart problem and swelling of pancreas, all have side effects and contribute to the onset of diabetes.  

Symptoms of Diabetes:-
In this disease, a patient does not know for a long time, whether he or she is suffering from diabetes. He will not know it for 10-15 years, if regular check ups are not done.  You can find out from the following symptoms.


1. Delayed healing or not healing of any wounds.
2. Rapid gain or loss in the weight.
3. Blurring of eyesight.
4. Feeling tired.
5. Excessive urination.
6. Feeling too much thirsty.
7. Feeling too much Hungary.
8. Occurrence of skin diseases again and again.
9. Itching in the private parts.
10. Drying of mouth.
11. Numbness of hands and feet and feeling of ant creeping.
12. Collection of ants on the urine.


Precautions to be taken if there is a history of diabetes in the family. :-


In such cases one has to be very careful on the eating habits. One should take more of Fruits,  vegetables & Pulses.   And take less of non-veg, fried items, Rice & Maida. Take sufficient quantity of buttermilk. One should do the exercises like swimming or cycling.

In case there is not family history of diabetes, then one should keep obesity under control, otherwise chances of both sugar as well as high blood pressure.


Tests for Diabetes :-

The level of sugar in our blood can be tested from urine or blood. If sugar level is less than 170, it won’t be indicated in Urine, and sugar can be tested from the blood samples only. 


Blood Sugar – It is done on empty stomach (Fasting) and after taking your food or glucose (PP). One has to be on empty stomach at least for 8-10 hours before the test.


Level of Sugar in our blood :-

1.) Normal level – 100 mg on empty stomach and 140 mg after two hours of taking meals.

2.) Borderline level:– 100 to140 mg on empty stomach  and 140 to 180 mg after two hours of taking your  meals.

3.) Dangerous level  - More than 140 mg on empty stomach  and more than 180 mg after two hours of taking your meals


Micro albumin test – This test is done to find out the damage done by diabetes on kidneys. Micro Albumin is not found in the urine of a healthy person. Even slight presence of micro albumin in the urine indicates that diabetes has started damaging the kidneys. In such cases the progress of disease can be stopped by immediately taking care of both High blood pressure and diabetes. And it can be done by reducing intake of protein like pulses, eggs, cheese etc.


Can you escape from diabetes by not eating sweets –

There is no direct link between Diabetes & eating sweets. It is lifestyle disease. People who are fat or having family history of diabetes should not eat sweets as it increases obesity & generation of insulin in the body.


When Insulin becomes necessary for a diabetes patient ? –

1. When sugar in the blood is not coming under control, even after taking oral medicines.

2. Diabetic pregnant women.

3. Diabetes patient with heart problem or who had an attack of paralysis or eyes problem or  having infection or TB or going to be operation.


How to take insulin – It is better to use an insulin pen instead of syringe and vial of insulin.
An insulin pen is easy to carry anywhere.

An insulin injection should be taken at least 15-20 minutes before the meals. And there should be difference of at least 10 -12 hours between two injections.

How to take the oral medicines correctly – There are many type of medicines available in the market like Daonil, Glyciphase, Metformin, Glucored forte, Glimy etc.  but these should only be taken only after the consultation with a doctor only.


These tablets should be taken 15-20 minutes before taking your meals. Some patients take 1-2 tablets extra after eating sweets or attending parties. This should not be done. These tablets should not be taken after drinking any type of liquor.


Fruits and Vegetables, which increase sugar in our blood – Potato, beetroot, Arbi, Chiku, Mango, Pomegranate, Banana, Custard apple etc all have high glycaemic index and sugar level is immediately increase by eating them.


Diabetes diet  - Instead of taking three bug meals, one should take 5-6 small meals at short intervals.  A sample diet chart is given below :-

Morning 8.O’ Clock – One cup milk, without sugar  or one cup tea or coffee with one bread piece or 2-3 biscuit.

Morning 11’O clock – One glass buttermilk and one fruit.

Afternoon, between 1-2 O’clock - . 2-3 loafs of bread or Roti, cooked vegetables, One cup cooked pulses and one glass of buttermilk.

Evening 5 O’ clock – Tea without sugar with 2-3 biscuit

Night 8 O’ clock – Rice gruel or 2-3 loafs with cooked vegetables & a cup of curd.

Before Sleep – One cup Milk without sugar.

Treatment of Diabetes :-  By using Homeopathic remedies,  Home Remedies,  Natural Home remedies, Ayurvedic home remedies and other Home Health remedies


Home remedies, Natural remedies  –
1. Take 4-5 flowers & leaves of “Sadabahar” plant daily on empty stomach in the morning.
2. Soak one tablespoon of Fenugreek seeds (Methi dana) overnight and drink its water. The seeds can be used in the preparation of vegetables.
3. It is beneficial to chew some tender leaves of “Neem” & “Curry patta”   
4. Regularly take half spoon vinegar made from Jamun and also half spoon of powder of jamun seeds.
5. Boil 10-15 leaves of Mango tree and take on empty stomach in the morning.
6. Juice of bitter gourd (Karela) is very beneficial.
7. Cinnamon boiled in water and taken, helps in the reduction of blood sugar level.
Homeopathic remedies:-
Syzygium Jambolanum Q, Gymnena Sylvesta, Uranium nitricum, Cephlendra indica
Helps in the control of diabetes.

Biochemic Remedies – Natrum Sulph 12X and Natrum Phos 12X are the main remedies for diabetes. But biochemic combination no.-7 is also very useful in the control of sugar.

Ayurvedic treatment – In Ayurveda, Basant kusumakar ras, Shilajeet and Chander prabha vati have been found to be useful in the control of diabetes.


Conclusion –

1. Diabetes cannot be cured from its root cause, but it can only be controlled. A patient can lead a normal life if he undergoes its treatment properly and remains very careful about the eating habits and lifestyle.


2. A diabetes patient should eat small amounts at regular intervals. They should avoid keeping fast or eating heavily at parties.


3. Remember to change your lifestyle or diabetes will change you.


4. Regular Yoga exercises helps in the control of diabetes. One should do Pranayam and other exercises to control diabetes.


5. Do not keep sitting throughout the day. Walk as much as possible, use staircase, do regular exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes daily, keep your weight under control, play any outdoor game and keep away from any type of tension.



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