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LOVE & Relationship problem (Vashikaran)

LOVE & Relationship problem (Vashikaran)


Love is the law of God and it does not discriminate with anyone. God created everything equally and loves all of his creation. Love is active force, which we should use to guide our every action, every thought and every wish, which will ultimately result in peace and harmony in our lives.


Love is blind – Which means love cannot see any shortcoming in the beloved. It cannot find any fault. It is an unconditional thing and a total surrender to anyone you love. This kind of blindness, which is an ultimate seeing or vision is required to reach the realm of God. If every one of us has this blindness of love, then we won’t be able to see the fault in anyone and it would be a wonderful world.

How to succeed in love – You cannot be successful in love by just saying “I love you”, “I love you very much”. “ILU”, “I can die for you”, “I can pick the stars for you”     The River of love is just opposite to the normal river. To get across a normal river you have to swim in it, but in the river of love, you have to sink in it. Unless you have fully drowned yourself in the river of love, you cannot cross it. One who tries to swim in the river of love never reaches the other shore, which means who loves half heartedly will never enjoy the bliss the ultimate love or Romance.


Love is a narrow street – Love is a narrow street, only one person wide. So, two loving persons cannot pass thru it as an individual. They have to become one with each others.  In this narrow Love Street you cannot pass thru separately, you have to become a single entity, a union of soul, only then you can cross it.


So, all the lovebirds who have lost their love, take courage.
If your love is true, you need not weep for you had found love at least for a short span of your life. Live life with hope for love, as you never know when your sweetheart may come.


It is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all



## If you are in Love with someone and dare not express yourself, you can use a very powerful mantra with the blessing of Mother Kali and Lord Krishna. All your wishes will be fulfilled immediately. The person you love will be in your arms within a period of 45 – 90 days only. Your life will be filled with happiness and joys of life.


## If you are married and your husband has gone out of your hands and involved with some other woman, you can use a very powerful mantra to get him back to you. He won’t be able to think of any other woman but you.  If your wife has left you or eloped with her lover, you can get her back using this great vashikaran mantra.


This mantra was used by Lord Krishna to mesmerize the Gopis (Cowherd girls) of Vrindavan. It carries the power of Mahakali. It can be sent to your thru email for US $ 25/- only or Indian Rs.1100/- (Or equivalent currency of your country). You can pay thru your credit card on  by paying to our pay pal ID - we will email you, mantra with complete details of how to use it, within 24 hours.