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Astrologer Acharya Vinod – a long endless journey to spiritual world   The educational attainment of Acharya Vinod is Graduation in Science and a Consultant in Homeopathic & read more


Somebody asked Acharya Vinod that where I could find the Almighty or God..? He said I know the God is like air you can feel it is all around you but nobody has seen it.

Acharya Vinod replied that it is true that you can compare the God existence to air but in true sense its existence is far more beyond our understanding. When one comes up with such a question he gets hundreds of different answer to his query like God is present in all the religious or holy places, its existence is in the holy books, its existence is in sacred objects etc. Acharya Vinod explains it with an example, there is a small story of a King who sought to see the Almighty to attain invincibility. He was one of the strongest and richest kings of all times, but somehow all his victories added fuel to his never ending ego and he wanted to increase his empire.  He wanted to meet the true God and convince him to grant additional power (resources) so that he can rule the whole world.
King called of all the famous scholars, saint, occultist, religious leaders etc. from all part of the world to tell him the right and easiest way to reach to the God. All these people suggested hundred of ways to fulfill his wish.
Some of them suggested most difficult rituals involving worth millions of money & gold, building Shrines or temples, giving huge donations to different religious organizations, making several gold idols symbolizing the almighty, long journeys to the religious places etc. The King followed each one of them to his last penny. It took more than a decade with all his fortune but nobody among the learned persons was able to make the King realize the presence of God.

Now the situation developed to that level that King lost all his wealth, money, gold etc. and kept spending all his time in a never ending pursuit to find the God. His empire got scattered and most of the states got acquired by the neighboring kings and other remaining one had developed a stage of fear and insecurity among them due to King’s ignorance. By observing the scenario the scholars and other people started suggesting the King that one has to sacrifice his life to meet the God.

Soon one of the neighboring kingdom attacked, the King had to run away in order to save his life – all his possessions were taken away by the other King. Now his condition was more like a beggar in the never ending search to fulfill all his basic need of food and water. He used to roam around from one village to another, all his royal inheritances were gone like a sand storm, now he had only pair of clothes left wrapped around his body. One day while in transit King got fainted in the deep forest due to excessive heat and dehydration. When he opened his eyes he saw a saintly figure offering him water, once King got his consciousness back that Saint offered him food and some fruits.

Acharya Vinod tells the Saint took the King to his small cottage nearby and offered him bed to sleep. The King experienced an interminable peace around that cottage, which he was searching for long. In further discussions with the saint, he asked him, if he can show him the presence of God. The Saint said I am daily seeing him. I have seen him in you, it resides in everybody. When you help a needy person with full devotion, you are serving GOD. He is in front you. You don't have to search HIM outside. God resides in your-self… Find it in your soul.
Acharya Vinod further tells the Moral -If you are searching GOD, don't stray in the outer world, go inwards. Help others. GOD is in each one of us….

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