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Astrologer Acharya Vinod – a long endless journey to spiritual world   The educational attainment of Acharya Vinod is Graduation in Science and a Consultant in Homeopathic & read more


It’s a good saying that if I have to resolve world’s problem then I need to start from myself. It’s true in all senses that once you try to bend the world according to your liking or disliking it becomes a never ending journey where you always pin point flaws of the society or people around you, this is bad, this is not good for the society, our children, our neighborhood, our country etc.


Once a person visited Acharya Vinod when he was in an Aashram in Haridwar (holy place in India), it was the month of July when sun was scorching and at its highest temperature. The person visited in the afternoon hence he felt very thirsty, when he entered Acharya Vinod’s room, he was offered water. Once finished the glass of water he started talking about the difficulties he faced during his journey to meet Acharya Vinod.

He explained about the bad condition of roads, public transport, government apathy,  weather conditions, even his own family support etc. All his utterances were somewhere or the other in a complaint form, from everything and anything around him.  Further he talked about how these things have become a sort of hindrance between him and spirituality which he had come to seek from Acharya Vinod. He said things are never favorable for him to start following the righteous path or the path of spirituality.  He don’t get time to relax from his hectic work schedule, his family has too much interference in his daily schedule etc. 
After listening to all his excuses, Acharya Vinod started telling him a small story about a person who used to do small business in a kingdom. The king was very nice to the people and all of them liked their King very much. He used to organize small meetings regularly with the people to know the true feedback, solve their small-time problems of the kingdom and moreover share some good positive thoughts with the people.
One day he was organizing such a meeting in his palace, after going through all the points in the daily agenda King said to everyone that we should always spare some time from our daily schedule to pray the God or meditate. Everyone except one Businessman shook their heads with acceptance, but that Businessman replied the King that it’s very easy for him to say so as he has hundreds of servants to take care of his every need and plenty of money to survive him endlessly without earning a single penny but how come one person who runs a small business or employed somewhere can spare the time for praying the God because he or she will not get the time to do so. After hearing this the King became angry because this was the first time that someone had argued with him in front of all the people, King ordered his soldiers to hang that Businessman in the evening next day. Till that time he can go back to his family and say final goodbye to them but he was not
allowed to go outside the kingdom boundaries. There will always be King’s Guards closely monitoring all his activities and in case if they find any sort of suspicion of his escape they are free to behead him then and there.
It was already dark there was only few hours left between the Businessman life and death he started crying and begging for his life from the King. But the King was in no mood to hear anything so he went to his living area in the Palace. The Businessman thought if he would continuously plead for his life, there could be a chance that King will forgive him and take back his decision. So instead of returning back to his home he decided to remain in the palace itself and prolong beg for his life. Whole night Businessman was crying asking for help from the King but all went in vain, there was no reply. After some hours Businessman felt asleep, when he woke up it was already dawn. He realized that there is no use of requesting the King as there was only 8-10 hours left of his life, he decided to go back home to meet his family for the last time. On the way he analyzed that there are few things that he has to do before he dies.
Acharya Vinod tells that, the Businessman wanted to earn maximum money for the last time for his loved ones so that at least his family should be proud of his last efforts for them. So instead of going back home he diverted his path towards his shop. He used to sell cloths for men and women; he opened his shop, picked up a pile of cloths and went to the main market place for selling. It was early morning so a very few crowd had gathered over there. Businessman started going to everyone asking for need of clothes, he offered them very attractive discounts and moreover his sales pitch was so irresistible that within an hour he sold most of them and earned a heavy profit.
Businessman did this activity thrice and all his stock was cleared and he had now a large of amount of money. As it was his last day on earth so he went to nearby orphanage and donated one tenth of his total earnings to them so that God can forgive all his bad deeds done in this life and grant him final peace after his death. It was only three hours left from his death; he purchased few gifts for his family members, his wife, a son and a daughter. Till the time he returned his home, he had only 2 hours from his final breath. He spent those two hours like never before with all his family members but the final time came and soldiers picked him up from his house and took him to palace for final journey.
When they reached the palace he saw King was waiting for him, but businessman made up his mind that he will not request the King to free him anymore. So he was made to appear in front of the King, King asked him how was his last day..?  He thought King will make fun of him before killing him but realizing the fact that now nothing mattered. Just to give his final homage to the King and the Kingdom which has given everything to him and his family, he explained all his last day’s routine. King asked him you did everything but it is your final day how could you forget to remember the God. Businessman replied I didn’t forget that even, in fact since the day started for me I started praying almighty so that he should give me courage and strength so I can wind up my day as I planned. NOT FOR A SINGLE SECOND I DIVERTED MY ATTENTION FROM HIM, HE WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO HELPED ME FOR MAKING EVERYTHING HAPPEN. MY EVERY BREATH WAS A PRAYER TO THE GOD.
King said now you have got answer to your question asked to me yesterday, for remembering the God we need not spare time it can be done in our daily routine and by doing it simultaneously it yields more confidence and luck in our daily work. Acharya Vinod explains to attain the highest levels in spirituality there is no need to go into forests for meditation; it can be achieved by living your daily routine including your work schedule.  There are NO excuses to avoid spiritual enhancement in one’s life. The only thing that is required is persistence of mind & complete faith.
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Acharya Vinod’s Vision – “To Promote Physical, Mental and Spiritual health in the world, and to help the people, live a long, happy and healthy life”
Acharya Vinod’s Mission – “ To provide absolutely Free Consultations of Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Feng-shui, Vaastu, Spiritualism, Health / Home Remedies, Phrenology (Face Reading) and many more ancient Occult Sciences. Anyone can get the answer of their respective queries on Money, Health, Love, Marriage, Job, Education, Home Remedies, Lucky Stone & other aspects of Life and that is Free of Cost (FREE CONSULTATION) without any hidden cost involved simply by sending a query through E-mail (Free Consultation Form) .”