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Astrologer Acharya Vinod – a long endless journey to spiritual world   The educational attainment of Acharya Vinod is Graduation in Science and a Consultant in Homeopathic & read more


Acharya Vinod tells our existence in this world of human life is due to our physical body and the life force or Prana which is driving it. All our body functions are controlled by our mind. So if we can somehow control our mind & Prana (breathing), we can have control on self or make ourselves eligible for the spiritual journey or enlightenment. It will ultimately lead us to Moksha or liberations from the cycles of birth and rebirth.  

In first phase, we try to control our mind, which is the most elusive, unpredictable and wavering.  The yogi tries to focus his mind on his breathing and tries to synchronize his thinking with the breathing pattern. Simultaneously a deep breathing habit is formed. 
After some time, when both thinking and deep breathing becomes a reflex action or forma a natural habit, one switches over to next stage of Mantra Jap and mediation. One can start with any suitable mantra and initially doing it 108 times daily and gradually increase it to any comfortable level. During mantra Japa one has to keep his mind totally focused on the related God and do not let it wander here and there to other thoughts & worries. 
Acharya Vinod further explains, after mantra Jap (or recitation) one should do the meditation by concentrating his mind in the centre of two eyebrows above the nose, which is the place of third eye from where your internal spiritual powers will emanate. Initially one should try to see the form of your God there, but in later stages, the mind has to focus on itself and not on any other form or picture. 
After due practice, one has to now move inside, by cutting all outside connections of our senses, like seeing, hearing etc. It is attained by closing all openings in our body, which links us to the outside world.  During mediation, we close our eyes, ears, nose, and mouth and try to focus our mind in between the eyebrows above your nose and also try to listen to the sound between two ears.  Breathing is also stopped as long as we can do it easily and comfortably.  From this stage our journey inwards, starts. 
Slowly and after long practice continuously, one starts hearing the “Anhat Nada” which is a vibration like sound of bells.  Simultaneously you will start acquiring different spiritual powers, which differ from person to person. As you move more and more inwards, you will keep on having wonderful experiences of God’s blessings. 
A word of precaution - During this ‘Sadhana’ or practice, it is very important to keep control on the quality and type of food you eat. You should take food which is totally vegetarian and in the form as close to nature as possible. Avoid spicy, heavy foods and stop any type of non-vegetarian foods including eggs.   Please keep in mind that ultimately food will make & nourish our health and mind.  If we take wrong type of food we will become sick with negative thinking.  Also do not try to hurry up things, as it will finally result in no outcome.  A seed take its own time to sprout and become a plant. A child takes 9 months to grow. An impatient person will spoil all his efforts and finally blame the ineffectiveness of mantras or the guidance given by his guru.  Also a disturbed & angry mind will not be able to concentrate properly. So always be at peace and happy and continue your journey inwards slowly and with incessant efforts and all your wishes will be fulfilled. 
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