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Why to die, when you can get back your Love

Sunita (name changed) living in one of the metropolitan cities in India contacted Acharya Vinod via website around 3 years back. She mentioned her problem of Love that she was in relationship with a boy who was working in her office for the past more than 5-6 years. When things got matured to the level of marrying each other, the boy faced heavy tension in his family in regard to inter caste marriage with Sunita, which was not at all acceptable by boy’s family.

For Global Readers – India is a vast country with people from diverse cultures, religions and faiths. Still in India marriage is done only after the acceptance from both the families especially the elders and old aged people of families. Though it has somewhat modernized a bit in the past years that now, girl and boy have their own will in regard to the marriage but situation is still the same in most parts of the country. People often refrain marrying their son or daughter in other castes or religion families. The writers of films and novels have written numerous love stories on this plot with happy endings where boy and girl were able to convince their families for this bold step of inter-caste marriage, but reality differs in fact the gravity of the situation is much more than it sounds, even in certain cases this sort scenario has led to suicide attempts by either boy or girl or both ending their respective lives, which is most unfortunate.      
In the case of Sunita, the boy’s family finalized the marriage of their son with some other girl from their caste only. The boy had true feelings for Sunita but he was also helpless with these unwanted advances on marriage front and pressure situation created in his own family. Sunita wrote all this details to Acharya Vinod and asked for whatever spiritual help can be provided to her in this regard. After going through her case thoroughly Acharya Vinod recommended her special methodology on the lines of Vashikaran and Aakarshan that immediately changed the overall situation in Sunita’s favour, within few days the girl with whom the boy’s marriage was finalized backed out automatically. The boy’s family not only accepted Sunita as their daughter in law but also she got the love and affection from everyone the way she desired for. It was no less than a dream coming true for Sunita, though Acharya Vinod showed her the right way but without her own dedication all this couldn’t ever become reality. 
Acharya Vinod emphasis on two aspects for achieving anything in this spiritual world i.e. first is ‘Faith’ on the Guru or Mentor and second aspect is ‘Utmost Dedication’. If any of these aspects deteriorate the results of the efforts gets adversely affected. Now Sunita is living happily with her true love of life and 3 months back she got blessed with a baby girl. So if you or any of your known is suffering from love or relationship problem then remember - why to die, when you can get back your Love. 
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